Preparing for Facial Plastic Surgery: What to Know

The success of your facial plastic surgery depends largely on the skill and experience of the surgeon you select. However, there are a few things you can do on your own to increase the likelihood of a smooth operation and recovery. Some of these are merely following instructions given by the surgical team and others are tips and tricks picked up by former facelift or eyelid surgery patients.

Here, Fort Myers facial plastic surgeon Douglas Stevens shares what you can do during the pre-operative planning stage to boost your chances of a safe and successful experience. Continue reading


How Often Should I Schedule Bellafill Treatment?

As Dr. Douglas Stevens mentioned in the last post, Bellafill results typically take up to three months to stabilize. Something his Bellafill patients often ask is: once the desired effects have appeared, how long can they be expected to last? Another common question: is it necessary to schedule Bellafill treatment on a regular basis? Dr. Stevens, a trusted Fort Myers Bellafill provider, instructor and top one percent Bellafill injector nationwide, reveals the answer here. Continue reading

Prepare Your Skin for Winter

Florida winters brings dryer weather requiring increased efforts to protect and hydrate the skin. Fortunately, we have excellent products to do just that! Our Hydrating serum, Age Defense Vitamin C serum, and fabulous moisturizers will keep your skin healthy with a youthful glowing appearance. Let’s talk in some detail about these products.

Our Hydrating serum contains hyaluronic acid which is like a drink of water for your skin. It provides moisture retention lasting the entire day making the skin look brighter and firmer through hydration.

Our Vitamin C serum has an amazing amount of active anti-oxidants that penetrate the skin and support healthy collagen by fighting free radicals. In addition to helping the appearance of the skin, the form of Vitamin C found in our serum has been shown to protect against photo-aging and damage, reducing the risk of skin cancer. It improves skin texture and tone.

Don’t forget sunscreen! During the winter, the sun is still quite strong here in Southwest Florida, and even if there are clouds, your skin is still picking up ultra-violet radiation. Protect yourself from the sun with our physical and chemical sunscreens. I recommend at least 30-50 SPF applied every 2 hours (every hour and half if you are working outside and sweating). Don’t forget to apply to your hands and ears, and wear a hat to protect your scalp.

Let’s all work hard to keep our skin looking and feeling great this winter!


When Will I See Results after Bellafill Treatment?

Bellafill is a dermal filler approved by the FDA for the correction of nasolabial folds and moderate to severe facial acne scars on the cheeks. Dr. Stevens uses Bellafill to add volume and youthful contours. One of the advantages of Bellafill and other dermal fillers is that they deliver quick results without significant downtime. Are you wondering how quickly Bellafill patients can expect to see results after treatment? Dr. Douglas Stevens, a facial plastic surgeon in Fort Myers and a top one percent injector of Bellafill in the country, has the answer here. Continue reading

The Basics of Your Consultation Appointment

Before going to your plastic surgery consultation appointment, you might be feeling a little nervous. You might not know what to expect, and you might be worried that your plastic surgeon won’t understand your needs.

Consultation appointments are meant to be low-stress environments where you can express your concerns and get the answers you need before making a decision about plastic surgery. You are not under any obligation to schedule a surgery. This is a great opportunity to learn as much as you can from your expert surgeon.

Here are the basics of your consultation appointment.

Establishing Your Needs

The goal of the consultation is to determine how your plastic surgeon can best get you the results you want. To do so, your surgeon needs to know exactly what you’d like to have done and what you want the end results to be. The more your surgeon understands, the better he or she will be able to help you.

Surgeon’s Recommendations

Once your surgeon understands what you want your plastic surgery procedure to accomplish, he or she will give you a recommendation for a surgery. Your surgeon will go over that surgery and explain the process to you. He or she will also lay out expectations and explain the recovery process.

During this time, listen closely and take notes if possible. The more you understand about the surgery, the better decisions you’ll be able to make.

The Q & A

Once your surgeon has finished explaining the surgery he or she would recommend, it’s time for you to ask questions. You will have the opportunity to ask your surgeon about the procedure, the recovery period or the surgeon him or herself.

Many patients like to come prepared to their consultation appointments by preparing questions. They do their research ahead of time and make a list of questions they want to ask. Some may be answered already, but you can always ask for clarification if needed.

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, contact Douglas M. Stevens M.D. at the Fort Myers Centre for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery at 239-481-9292 today.

Cheek Augmentation: The Long-term Benefits

Rounded and well-defined cheeks have been a sign of beauty and youth for centuries. As we grow older, our faces become thinner and lose fat, which means our cheeks sag and can appear to be sunken in.

In the long-term, cheek augmentation can help you look younger and keep your cheeks perky and round. Find out more about the long-term benefits of cheek augmentation and how our practice can help you.

How Can Cheek Augmentation Help Me?

There are many long-term benefits of cheek augmentation, but many of those benefits depend on which type of cheek augmentation you choose.

The option with the best long-term benefits is the bellafill procedure. This process injects a filler into your cheek to give you that plumper, fuller look you’ve always wanted. Cheek augmentation procedures with bellafills can be done in the office, which makes them less invasive and less of a hassle for you. If you’re getting a facelift already, then this procedure can be done without making any additional incisions during the facelift.

In most cases, this procedure lasts longer than most types of cheek augmentation. Most bellafills will last in your cheeks for about five years.

Cheek implants also create fuller cheeks that are more permanent. These silicone implants can add volume and create this fantastic lifting effect on your cheeks. They also slow down bone aging in your cheeks.

Who Should Get Cheek Augmentation?

Typically, we see patients with one or more of the following conditions:

– Flat cheeks or those lacking in definition
– Hollow in the temples or cheeks
– Lines and wrinkles on the cheeks
– Under-eye bags

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Cheek augmentation can give you long-lasting rounded cheeks. For more information on this procedure, contact Douglas M. Stevens at the Facial Plastic & Laser Center in Fort Myers at 239-481-9292 and schedule a consultation

Do I Need Browplasty?

As you grow older, you may notice the appearance of what we call “worry lines.” These are deep creases that cover the forehead and often portray emotions we aren’t feeling, such as worry.

The forehead is a major point of expression, so if you want to convey just the right message, learn more about browplasty and how our offices can help you.

What Is Browplasty?

Browplasty is just a fancy word for a forehead or brow lift. This surgical procedure looks to lift or elevate a dropping brow. Both men and women can benefit from this surgery, and it can help them look younger and feel better about their appearances.

There are several different types of browplasty procedures, but the basic technique is the same across the board. Your surgeon will make small incisions to loosen up the patient’s skin in order to get to the underlying muscles, fat pads and tissues. Depending on the patient’s needs, the underlying tissue and excess skin will either be tightened or removed. The surgeon will then smooth the remaining skin to eliminate any wrinkles.

What Are some of the Benefits?

Browplasty can give you the brows you’ve always wanted and the ones you need. For some people, a dropping brow can obstruct their vision. They may find it hard to see, which makes it harder to drive, watch movies or participate in their favorite activities.

A dropping brow is also a sign of age. Having a browplasty procedure can make a huge difference in a patient’s appearance. Patients not only look younger, but their younger look also makes them feel younger and more comfortable in their own skin.

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Browplasty can get rid of worry lines and help you see better. For more information, contact Douglas M. Stevens M.D. at the Facial Plastic & Laser Center in Fort Myers at 239-481-9292 and schedule a consultation today.

What Recovery is Involved With a Facelift?

Facelifts make the face look youthful and vibrant once more, but it is important to remember that this is a surgical procedure. This means that there will be some recovery time where you will need to get plenty of rest and take care of your bandages.

Before you schedule a facelift, read more about the recovery time and what you can expect after a facelift.

Rest, but not bed rest

During the first few days after your surgery, you will see bruising and swelling on your face. This is completely normal, and it should peak by the third or fourth day. You may also feel fatigued and nauseous, but that’s probably from the medication more than the surgery.

You should feel good enough to get up and move around your house within a day or two after the surgery. It’s important to get the blood in your body flowing to improve circulation, so do some light housework or other low-key activities to get yourself moving.

You can continue to take any medications your doctor prescribed, and you should adhere to the care regimen your doctor gave you. Doing so will lead to a successful and speedy recovery. By the second and third weeks, you should see tremendous progress in your brushing and swelling.

How long does facelift recovery take?

To see the full results of your facelift, you will be waiting for about a year. This will give your body time to readjust and heal. Every procedure, however, is different so discuss your options with your surgeon before the surgery.

In the short term, recovery from the surgery takes only a few weeks. As noted, you should be on your feet again by the next day or two after surgery. From there, it’ll take another three to four weeks to see the swelling and bruising subside.

A good facelift can revitalize your look, but it does take time to recover after the surgery. If you want to know more, contact Douglas M. Stevens M.D. at the Facial Plastic & Laser Center in Fort Myers at 239-481-9292 and schedule a consultation today

Top Myths About Rhinoplasty

There are a lot of myths circulating about what rhinoplasty is and isn’t and who gets the surgery. Some people write off the surgery as being completely about vanity, but what they don’t know may change their whole perspective on rhinoplasty. I’m here to clarify all those myths for you so you can make an informed decision about your body.

Here are the top myths about rhinoplasty.

It’s only popular with women.

According to the most recent statistics, this isn’t true. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released data in 2015 that showed that procedures on men rose 43 percent over the last five years. The data shows that while men only accounted for 9.7 percent of all cosmetic procedures performed 2014, but they made up 22.4 percent of all rhinoplasty procedures performed that same year.

Rhinoplasty can benefit both men and women. A skilled plastic surgeon can address your concerns with your nose and find a solution that will make you feel happy about your appearance.

Rhinoplasty is all about vanity.

This is an important myth to debunk because rhinoplasty is about more than just fixing a part of your body you don’t like. In a study published by the Journal of Otolaryngology in 2007 titled “Change in Health Status after Rhinoplasty,” researchers found that the overall health status of patients who had rhinoplasty surgery improved after the surgery.

There could be a number of reasons for this. After the surgery, some patients feel inspired to take better care of their bodies. In other instances, they feel less stress and anxiety about their appearance, so they feel better about themselves.

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, don’t feel like you can’t ask questions. Call Douglas M. Stevens M.D. at the Facial Plastic & Laser Center in Fort Myers at 239-481-9292 and schedule a consultation today.

Facelifts: Involved and Invasive or Fast and Effective?

youthful faceFacelifts: the procedure that has been around for hundreds of years yet still remains a question in the minds of patients. Luckily, that’s what we are here for. At Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. we reassure patients every single day about the facelift procedure itself, its history, and how it has moved from an inpatient procedure to now one that can be performed in-office.

Why Receive a Facelift?

You might first be wondering why a facelift would be needed? What does it address? Well, most commonly it addresses soft tissue areas within the face and neck that have started to sag due to age and gravity. This can manifest in wrinkles, sagging jowls, and even cheeks that aren’t as perky as they once were. These effects of gravity and aging on the tissues of the face don’t have to permanent. A facelift addresses not only the skin but the actual facial muscles and fat pads that change with time.

How The Facelift Procedure is Performed

To lift the cheek area, minimize hanging jowls, distinguish the jaw line, and tighten the neck, a facelift is the most powerful technique.  The incisions are around the ears utilizing natural creases and the hairline to hide the thin line.  Typically, the healing is such that the procedure leaves no tell tale sign – even with the hair worn back.

Downtime and Recovery From a Facelift

To recover from such a surgery isn’t as tedious and burdensome as one might believe. Instead, most patients are able to recover within one to two weeks.  Most of our patients are going back to the movies and dinner out at 10-14 days.  The  recovery is fast, and it often shocks patients who have preconceived notions about facelift surgery recovery.


If you’re considering a facelift, look no further than Douglas M. Stevens, M.D. He takes pride is his attention to detail with facelifts resulting in a youthful, natural result.   Call our team to get your questions answered and reserve your complimentary consultation: (888) 970-5131.